Getting HR Brexit Ready

Voltedge – in partnership with Fragomen (global immigration specialists), Ronan Daly Jermyn Solicitors and Morgan McKinley International Recruitment – held a breakfast session on Thursday 15th June. Chaired by Noelle O’Connell, Director of European Movement Ireland, the invitees were given great insight and support in their planning towards Brexit and Beyond.












With 400,000 Irish people living and working in UK, and 114,000 UK passport holders resident in Ireland, many companies do not realise that they have potential issues looming in terms of freedom of travel, employment issues and real employee concerns over the impact of Brexit on them.

The Brexit journey will impact all businesses, whether trading with the UK or not, the broad implications of our closest neighbour no longer being part of the EU requires a HR Brexit strategy for all businesses and especially if companies are working with an international team or client base. Placing Brexit high on the HR Agenda is critical and Voltedge listed some of the key areas businesses need to consider alongside the commercial and economic business issues:

  • Communications: Develop a communication plan for employees, to ensure they are assured of your support and guidance on all personal related issues associated with Brexit, e.g. freedom to travel, family citizenship, pensions and benefits etc.
  • Internal staff dynamic: Includes being understanding of the potential issues and risks that employees may have in relation to colleagues and their political views, Brexit opinions, nationality and citizenship issues.
  • Management Support and Capability: Managers need to fully understand the implications of Brexit and have the training and capability to support employees.
  • Data protection: It is critical that every employer understands the data protection requirements and also the associated risks and challenges that will ensue with the onset of Brexit.
  • Policies: Employers need to review their policies that are impacted by Brexit – such as ‘Diversity in the Workplace’.












The Brexit journey is an ever changing and challenging one, we want to support you in getting your business HR Brexit Ready and managing the dynamics that will begin to present themselves as the transition continues. Ring the office 01-5252914 or email to see how we can help your business become HR Brexit Ready.