Finding and managing talent

In a recent survey carried out by Accenture where they interviewed about 1,000 employees and 100 companies in Ireland, some interesting statistics came out:

  • 71% of employers believe a lack of skills and capabilities is impacting their ability to grow their businesses.
  • 58% believe this is impacting their ability to maintain revenue
  • 32pc are being forced to recruit from overseas.
  • the shortage of skilled workers is forcing 30% of the companies surveyed to reduce their investments in Ireland.

And interestingly when companies were asked about the skills gap they currently have in regard to soft skills, the top 3 on their list were as follows:

  1. leadership
  2. Innovation
  3. People management

and when they were asked about the need they saw as being important for the next 3 years the same three came out again but in a different order, (1) leadership (2) people management and (3) innovation.

Also in this survey when asked about the investment in training they found that while 71% of employers said they had a dedicated training and development budget, 52% of employees said their organisations  had no dedicated training policy with 44% reporting that they had received less than 1 day or no training at all in the past year.

The link between investing in the development of staff and the shortage of talent needs to be considered by management as the skills gap can be exacerbated by a skills blockage within the organisation. Employers need to look for talent inside their organisations, invest in developing the capabilities and skills of staff, this in return should reduce the amount of external talent acquisition needed to meet the business needs.

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