End of Year Bonuses – Giving Feedback

It’s coming to that time of year again – and for many companies that means “end of year bonuses” are falling due.  

This can be a really challenging time for managers, whether they have a problem employee or want to recognise and praise a great performer. The key is to communicate with the employee in a way that promotes positive change – this means giving effective feedback so that you get the results you want ie: the good performer will stay motivated and engaged and will continue to do a good job, and the problem employee will recognise what it is they need to do and so focus on achieving the required performance levels.


A few tips to help:

1. Plan and be prepared – know what you want to say and what outcome you want to achieve.

2. Choosing the right time to talk to the employee

3. Engaging in productive dialogue and make it relevant to the message you wish to give

4. Make the connection between what they are doing and how the company is performing – talk about the company goals

5. Arrange to follow up on the feedback, so if there is a plan you need to put in place, this will give you a chance to discuss how it will be implemented

6. Put your feedback and message in writing, but deliver it face to face first

7. Build on the employees strengths – start with the positive and work up to the areas that needs focus.

8. Ask for feedback – not only on yourself but on the company – it can be a valuable insight!