Effective Engagement can help retain talent

An engaged workforce can achieve many outstanding results as well as retain a company’s best talent. Being creative and innovative about how to engage staff is often a challenge, building a strong and trusted relationship that endures the evolution of the company should always be a priority.

Here are a few ways to boost employee morale, workplace productivity, engagement and ultimately, retention.

  1. Praise and say thanks.  Set a target to say a simple “thanks” to at least one deserving employee a day. You can do this verbally, or send a quick email to them.
  2. Use recognition awards. Formally nominate employees who deserve recognition, let them know you notice their efforts. and recognise their creativity and innovation. This will encourage employees to come up with better ways of doing things.
  3. Celebrate successes. Monthly take the time to recognise the efforts of your team with a little treat, that might mean going for lunch, bringing in muffins for the morning break or maybe get ice creams delivered on a Friday afternoon. Take the time to talk about the achievements with your team.
  4. Do something a little different. Encourage your sports and social committee together and hold fun and unusual events that all employees can participate in.
  5. Offer workplace flexibility. Working people need balance in their lives, and you can show respect for these challenges by providing flexibility and work-life balance initiatives.
  6. Make learning a part of your culture. When employees want to progress in their careers, set up forums/knowledge sharing opportunities onsite and promote your learning incentives to staff.
  7. Provide rewarding work. Most employees respond well to tasks that are well-suited to their interests and passions, give them work that will stretch them.
  8. Invest in well-being. Develop a cost effective wellness programmes such as having onsite fitness equipment or fitness classes or some  wellness talks – healthy eating, exercise, developing outside of work interests etc and generally things that will encourage a more active lifestyle.
  9. Participate in industry conferences. Let your bright and talented start shine by giving them a chance to participate and speak at industry conferences, it will be great for them and for the company brand too.
  10. Be visible and communicate one to one. Take the time to be visible around the office and not just in your office, use the canteen, the coffee dock etc as often as possible to let them know you value what they bring to the team.

You will enjoy the outcomes of these as much as the employees!