Developing future leaders

As few as 6% of organisations have future leaders identified for critical roles. And strikingly, 22% have no one slated to take over key positions. Yet, most organisations tell us that succession planning has become a higher priority.

Knowing the leadership competencies required for success today and in the future, as well as having a sound understanding of the functional backgrounds that produce the most effective top-level leaders, will provide for a formidable talent strategy that can deliver on growth and business transformation.

There are a few different aspects that need to be considered to make sure we plan for the future and develop top quality leaders in our business:

  • The functional backgrounds that produce the most CEOs
  • How different career paths produce different leadership roles
  • The value of providing meaningful leadership development
  • Implications for business leaders and human resource professionals

Voltedge works closely with leadership teams on developing competencies and capabilities that ensures a compelling future for everyone in the company. We also work with management teams developing their capabilities in line with the business strategy.