St. Patrick’s Day

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching this month, it’s a time to reflect with amazement at our fellow country citizens scattered around the globe and to consider their many great achievements down through the generations from great writers and poets, to famous artists and diplomats, humanitarian crusaders and explorers, designers and musicians, technology gurus to medical experts and inventors. The Irish are indeed an ambitious and talented nation and we have showcased our capabilities on the international stage, time and time again.

March 17th offers us all the opportunity of celebrate our Irish-ness and to think of our friends and family who are also celebrating in the four corners of the globe. Whether it is in Achill or Atlanta, Barna or Barbadus, Cork or Chicago, millions of people will be dancing to Irish music, singing an Irish tune and speaking a “cupla focal” on St. Patrick’s Day, no matter where they are.

We extend a very warm Lá fhéile Pádraig to all of the Irish men, women and children across the globe and “we celebrate being Irish with you on March 17th.”