Being innovative about interviewing

Employers have reviewed CVs and done basic interviews and continue to use a time-honured, but not necessarily effective, way of recruiting future employees for ever. In a recent article in the Irish Times, Lucy Kellaway suggests that we should throw out the use of CVs (considering that often most of the content is contrived or embellished). This was emphasised recently by Laszlo Bock of Google, who pointed out that CVs are a waste of time. Equally, employers often post bland job descriptions which are often not thought through and don’t fully reflect the position people are applying to.

She suggests that applicants should consider using new technology tools like Tinder – which is a mobile app which connects people. Data about people and companies is the key to a good fit. If an applicant can really ‘see’ what is involved in the position by photos and real information then the applicant can also provde a more interesting and accurate snapshot of themselves through data, photos and relevant information.

Tinder works by connecting people with similar ages, photos etc. of people who are near to you – could it work in a business context to connect companies who need people with suitable skills and interests? She suggests a type of merged product between Tinder and LinkedIn which connects applicants and companies by reviewing their ‘fit’ – certainly moving the CV into a more technological product that is real and relevant would significantly help employers get the right employee.