Agency Workers’ Directive

Following the brekdown of negotiations between unions, employers’ bodies and the Government on Wednesday 28th November, a EU Directive on Agency Workers’ entitlements will now automatically be introduced in Ireland on Monday 5th December 2011.

What does this mean for employers? The Government needs to publish exact details, however we do know that it will mean that agency workers will be entitled to the same rate of pay as regular employees and identical holiday entitlements. However, this will NOT apply to pensions, sick leave, share options, bonus payments or benefit-in-kind. We expect to have legislation with the Cabintet before Christmas, but obviously this means there will be no clear guidelines until well into 2012. There are real concerns about retrospection and this needs to be clarified in the legislation. Voltedge will be updating our clients and our website immediately there are any further details. Voltedge welcomes contact if employers are concerned that they may be affected