Absence for elective procedures – what line does an employer take?

An article by the SFA recently talked about the significant rise in employees choosing to have elective medical procedures, and the impact that this is having on their respective employers.

Many elective procedures are surgeries for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons, including laser eye surgery, IVF, and plastic surgery. These procedures are not emergencies, and some would interpret them as not essential, but purely a personal option.

Because of this, employers often find themselves in a quandry as to how to interpret this time off, and even to allow time off for such procedures. It is important for the employer to initially review their own sick leave/absence policy, and follow this accordingly. If the policy does not cover such issues, then an informed decision will have to be taken as to whether the employer believes that the procedure is to be treated as annual leave or unpaid leave.

Voltedge would suggest that a statement should be added to absence leave policies to ensure that the employer can manage this issue clearly and with consistency for any case they have to deal with. contact@voltedge.ie