Diaspora 2016 put top talent at Nation’s disposal

The Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG) has begun an initiative to create a pool of globabl industry and technology leaders to serve on relevant Irish state boards until 2016 without remuneration.

The objective of Diaspora 2016 is to make a list of at least 100 business leaders from across the globe who wish to contribute their experience and time to helping Ireland’s economic recovery. Speaking at the recent Global Irish Forum, ITLG president and founder John Hartnett said “We expect this group to cover many sectors of the economy with particular focus on information technology, life sciences, innovation and entrepreneurship. It will be a seasoned group of leaders with a track record of achievement at a vice president or C-suite (senior executive) level on the global stage.”

So far the following leaders have pledged their commitment: John Hartnett, president and founder, ITLG; Tom McEnery, former Mayor of San Jose, California; Rory McInerney, vice president, Intel; Barry O’Sullivan senior vice president, Cisco; Conrad Burke, founder, Innovaligh.