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The Right to Request Remote and Flexible Working

The recently published Code of Practice on the Right to Request Remote and Flexible Working means that handbook policies now need to be updated to ensure full compliance with the new terms of the code. Signed agreements between employees and employers need to be put in place regarding the Hybrid or Remote working model agreed.

The Flexible Working entitlements also introduced with this code means that it is now necessary to have a policy in place so the process and entitlements are set out clearly.

We are recommending that you make arrangements for your handbook and policies to be updated to ensure compliance and that employees and managers are fully briefed on how to manage these new working entitlements.

The Right to Request Remote Working

All employees will have a right to request remote work after 6 months of continuous service. They must give the employer 8 weeks’ notice in writing of their request. The employer will be required to consider such requests in accordance with its needs, the needs of employees and a new Code of Practice to be developed by the Workplace Relations Commission.

The employer must reply in writing within 4 weeks of receiving the request, either to approve the request with an agreement between themselves and the employee, or to refuse the request, in which case the reasons must be set out in writing. Alternatively, they can extend the time period to a maximum of 12 weeks if they are having difficulty assessing the viability of the request.

The Right to Request Flexible Working for Parents’ and Carers

Relevant employees who are parents or have caring duties will have a right to request flexible working arrangements after 6 months continuous service. Requests must be dealt with in a procedure similar to requests for remote working and will need to be considered in accordance to a new code of practice from the Workplace Relations Commission. Employers may request relevant evidence such as a birth certificate or medical certificate.

To request flexible working, you must be either:

  • A parent or acting ‘in loco parentis’ (acting as a parent to the child) of a child under 12, or under 16 if your child has a disability or long-term illness.
  • A carer providing personal care or support to a specified person living in the same household, needing significant care for a serious medical reason

Services we can support you with

Policy Update & Handbook Revision

Customised policy for your company with supporting application templates and approval criteria for considering requests for Remote Working. We can also assist you with your Flexible Working requirements.

Training & Workshops

Our experts can deliver workshops to train your managers to effectively handle these new requests.

At Voltedge Management, we understand the importance of updating your policies in accordance with evolving legislation. We would be happy to discuss with you updating your Work Life Balanace Policy and any specific customisation that may be needed to take account of your particular business requirements. Contact us at or call at 01 525 2914 

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