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Fredericka Sheppard Speaking at The HR and Employment Law Conference 2022

May 11, 2022 @ 9:15 am - 3:45 pm

Fredericka Sheppard will be speaking at The HR and Employment Law Conference 2022 organised by CMG Events about ‘Sick leave and sick pay- Changes in the law’.

The last 2 years has seen a significant shift in the way we work, with employers required to adapt to the new and different ways of working. This has come with many new issues in employment law with new changes on sick leave, the introduction of a statutory Right to Request Remote Work, and imminent changes to equality legislation. This conference will explore all these issues, as well as important HR considerations such as disciplinary action, gender pay gap reporting, developing organisational and personal resilience, The Transparency at Work Directive, the 4-day week -Key considerations for employers and the topic of menopause in the workplace.

This HR and Employment Law Conference is a unique live virtual event from our own custom-built CMG Studios. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with attendees praising the additional interactive elements, as well as increased Q&A opportunities throughout the day, giving you more opportunity to gain real practical insights on the key issues that are important to you.

Conference Chairperson & Opening Remarks
Sharon Vize, Group HR Director, Cpl Resources

Gender Pay Gap Reporting
Irish context and background
2022+reporting requirements
Addressing gender pay gaps in your organization
Building long term strategies to increase gender equity
Claire Flannery, Founder & Director, Strength Within

Menopause in the workplace
Why you need to support menopause at work
The top symptoms that impact
A roadmap for supporting menopause throughout your company
Practical adjustments that can be made
Catherine O Keeffe, Menopause Coach and Founder of Wellness Warrior

Sick leave and sick pay- Changes in the law
Overview of the Sick Leave Bill 2021
Consultation with the various stakeholders
Main objectives and purpose of the scheme
How the scheme is designed and will operate
Fredericka Sheppard, Co-Founder and Managing Director (Joint) Voltedge Management

Current Topics in Employment Law and The Right to Request Remote Working
Introduction of a Statutory Right to Request Remote Work and the National Remote Working Strategy
Case Law in Ireland Review 2022
Sharon Dillon Lyons, BL, The Law Library

‍Investigations and Disciplinary Action
Fair procedures and natural justice
The conduct of an investigation
Suspension pending the disciplinary process
A Disciplinary Hearing: Key notes for HR Professionals
Shane Costelloe, Associate Solicitor, Holmes

The Transparency at Work Directive and the 4-day week -Key considerations for employers
Transparency at Work Directive

Transparency at Work Directive and its role when introduced into Irish Law
What will the legislation cover?
Striking a balance between employer and employee obligations

The 4-day week -Key considerations for employers
Practical and Operational Considerations
Company Profile
Handbook and Policies
Transparency Directive
Contractual Considerations
Code of Practice on the Right to Disconnect
Health and Safety
Ongoing Monitoring
Other Considerations
Regan O Driscoll, Partner, CC Solicitors

Dignity And Diversity: Applying the New Code of Practice on Bullying and Preparing for Imminent Changes to Equality Legislation
Has the nature of bullying and harassment changed in a hybrid and remote world?
Resolving dignity at work complaints informally
When should I investigate a dignity at work complaint?
Conducting bullying and harassment investigations in a virtual world
Creating a bullying and harassment-free work culture
Mary Cullen, Managing Director, Insight HR

Developing Organisational and Personal Resilience
What does it mean to be resilient?
Becoming a resilient organisation
How to grow resilient leaders
Can resilience be measured?
Workplace Wellbeing and Resilience programmes a case study
Elysia Hegarty, Associate Director FOWI & Wellness Lead, Cpl Group

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