COVID-19: Return to the Workplace Guide


The recent outbreak of Covid-19 has had a big impact on the viability of businesses across Ireland. In order to survive, many companies have had to introduce significant changes to both business and work practices, and this has impacted on the way in which businesses manage, interact with, and engage their employees.

It is important that businesses keep up to date with changing health and safety guidelines and revise their HR policies and practices to reflect new ways of working. As we move into Phase 3 of the reopening of the economy and society, more and more businesses are putting plans in place to transition employees back to the workplace.

Voltedge Management, in conjuction with Enterprise Ireland, has developed a Return to the Workplace Guide to support and help companies understand and address the complexity of transitioning employees back into the workplace. The guide identifies four key areas that employers should consider and take action on, and included an additional section of useful templates and advice.










You can download the Covid-19: Return to the Workplace Guide here.