Employee not engaging at meetings

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My team is working well remotely however I have one employee who is not engaging at our meetings – she doesn’t turn on her camera (even when asked) and doesn’t seem to be getting through her work well either. What should I do?

You have a real responsibility during COVID to support your employees – we are living through a global crisis and all of us are affected in different ways. Give your employee a call on her mobile, and have a conversation with her asking her open questions: ‘How are you – I know I really felt it hard last weekend with the weather and being cooped up – are you finding the same?’ ‘How are you managing at home – is there anything I can do to help?’ Let’s have a separate call tomorrow to talk about work and how you are getting on – today is just to check in’.

If you are really concerned – ask her if she has anyone to talk to and does she want to talk to someone else? You could refer her to the many great links on the HAS website such as:


Mind on supporting yourself and your team

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