PUP – Employee asking to be put onto PUP

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I have been asked by an employee to put them onto PUP – they are working at the moment in our manufacturing facility but they are high risk and don’t want to continue working. I am afraid that this will set a precedent.

Obviously only essential services are supposed to be onsite working at this time. If you are an essential service, you will have carried out a detailed COVID plan and this employee should have alerted you previously when he/she filled out their original return to work form. If they did not mention their high risk at that time, we suggest that you ask the individual why they are now stating that they are high risk.

You can ask them to request a medical certificate from their GP confirming (or not) that they are high risk. If the GP does not confirm this, or the employee does not give you a certificate, then you should ask your COVID lead/officer/manager to undertake a risk assessment. The risk assessment will establish if you are taking all possible measures and if the employee is in a safe working environment. If they receive a certificate stating that they are high risk, you may have to take the decision to send them home until further notice, and place them on PUP or WSS.

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