We understand the business advantage of a HR function which is central to business strategy, from the beginning.

The opportunity

As a leader in her field, our MD, Joyce Rigby-Jones provides HR reports for high court cases where expert consideration of employment issues is required. For example, in a landmark case in 2018 between employer An Post and employee Catherine Hurley, a case of bullying was raised by Ms. Hurley, located in a Co. Cork sorting office.

The challenge

Joyce was tasked with providing a report on this case from a Human Resources perspective, investigating the events resulting in Ms. Hurley’s decision to take a case. An opinion was needed on whether bullying and/or harassment had occurred and also how the defendant managed the situation.

Our solutions

The detailed report found that this was a case of bullying in the workplace. Joyce was called to cross-examined in the high court during this case.

The outcome

The High Court Judge, Mr. Justice McDermott, concurred with the expert testimony of Ms. Rigby Jones. He ruled that Ms. Hurley was subject to concerted collective bullying behaviour from a number of employees and that the defendant did not manage the situation appropriately.