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Transitioning Back to the Workplace Webinar

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

As the country progresses through a phased re-opening of the economy and society, the return of employees to the workplace has now become a priority for many companies. In a Covid-19 environment, thoughtful preparation and planning are essential to ensure a safe and successful return to work.

The webinar, hosted by Jonathan Healy will provide expert guidance from Fredericka Sheppard and Joyce Rigby Jones, Joint Managing Directors of Voltedge, about the steps companies should implement to support the smooth transition of employees back into the workplace.  You will also hear about the range of Enterprise Ireland supports to assist you navigate this process.


Thursday 25th of June 10am – 11am

This webinar will discuss: 

  • The role of the employer in ensuring the continued health, safety and well-being of employees
  • Communicating and engaging with employees around their return to the workplace
  • Resource planning and restructuring of roles and responsibilities
  • Data privacy, security & GDPR.

Who should attend?
This webinar is open to Enterprise Ireland clients and other manufacturing and internationally traded services companies with 10 or more employees.


The COVID-19 Curve

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

How can employers work through the Covid-19 curve and support their employees through it?

The COVID-19 virus has created a huge crisis throughout the world, and all businesses are having to take radical decisions on a daily basis.  We are all in completely uncharted territory, and we and our employees may be struggling both professionally and personally to find our way in these challenging and changing times.

Working off the original Kubler-Ross curve that was utilised originally in the 1970s (Elisabeth Kübler-Ross 1969) for people going through grief, we have taken the curve and looked at the reactions that we and our employees may be going through.

We have taken our version of the COVID-19 Curve and considered the following:

  • Today – where are you now on this curve? As an employer hopefully you can move through the curve reasonably quickly as you need to be coming up the end of the curve to support your employees – everyone will work through the curve at a different pace. Some need more time than others, but as employers, we need to be driving positive behaviour and supporting employees as they struggle in the frustration and depression stages.
  • Phases & stages – recognise that each phase and stage is different and will pass. What can you do to help yourself and others move through each phase? By understanding where you and your employees are on this curve, you can provide the particular support they need e.g. if you have an employee who is really struggling and is depressed or feeling very isolated, you need to support them more to move to the next stage. Do you need to give more information or emotional support or is guidance and direction more appropriate at this stage?
  • Acceptance – by accepting our situation and moving to a more positive place, we can rationalise how we are going to continue to work in a changed world – and also make sure that there are the supports in place for ourselves and our employees. The world of work will never be the same again, so it’s vital to accept this and understand the implications. Employers have a responsibility to continually communicate to all employees as more details become available.
  • Integration – this curve gives us an understanding of the natural highs and lows we will all go through over the next few weeks and perhaps months. It will help us to understand and accept your own and others’ behaviours and responses and can give you a real understanding of why some people behave and react in certain ways.

Employers, and their employees, can have bad days and revert back to depression/frustration – they then need to work through the curve again to hopefully move to acceptance and integration.

Employers can significantly help employees by driving strong messages giving employees clear direction and strategic detail so that employees can feel they are getting more control over their working lives. In a crisis that none of us have ever experienced, the key to moving forward is to feel – both personally and professionally – that we are gaining some control over our lives.

Voltedge would like to reassure you that we are fully operational and there are no disruptions to our services. We are following government guidelines and have facilities in place to host virtual meetings and webinars in place of face to face meetings. We understand that each situation is personal to your needs, and we can work with you to customise a plan that works best for your business right now. We are available between 7am and 11pm on, 087 220 1673 or 01 5252914.